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Classes Taught by Bill Monaghan

I will continue teaching classes on Wednesday’s at “The School of Light and Color” in Fair Oaks, CA, located near the corner of Sunrise and Fair Oaks Blvd.

To reserve your space and review class schedules contact the School of Light and Color via e-mail or phone:

Phone: 916-966-7517



Outdoor Workshop:

April 26 & 27, Sat. & Sun., a 2-day outdoor workshop.

Sketching & Drawing on Location”.

Every time you begin a painting you need to sketch the subject to define your view and composition. Learn how to create interesting and dynamic outdoor sketches for finished drawings or paintings.

Using pencil, pen, and charcoal this 2-day workshop will begin Day 1 along the American River. “Large” scenes can be intimidating so we’ll focus on cropped, smaller scenes, compositional layout, light and shadow, and quick drawing techniques.

On Day 2 we will be in the quaint town of Fair Oaks. We will refine the views and learn simple perspective skills to create better, more accurate sketches.

The first half of each day will be various view sketches looking for composition and focal points. The second half of each day will focus on a finished drawing of one of the earlier views on location.

Oil Painting Basics & Beginning Light & Color Oils:

On-going, Wednesday mornings, 9:30 – 12:30

Six week course

Working with a brush or palette knife, we will explore the basics needed to create quality paintings in the tradition of the School of Light and Color. In this on-going class we will explore drawing & composition, color, values, color harmony, light and shadow, creating depth, form and focal point. We will work from still life subjects in the studio and from landscape photo subjects. Everything you learn can later be translated into your own style using oil paints or pastels.

Drawing: The Foundation of Art Beginning and Advanced Drawing
July 16 thru August 20 – Wednesday afternoon, 1:30 – 4:00
Six week course: Another class may be added before November. Check with School for schedule

Maybe you are like many artists that learned to paint before learning to draw. Without basic drawing skills you may find yourself struggling to understand why your artwork “looks wrong”. You may ask yourself; “How do I draw this round vase, sitting on this square table, standing on this tiled floor, in this room with windows”, etc. It is one thing to draw the individual objects but to make the vase look like it is really sitting on the square table requires some understanding of basic drawing skills.

Artists need an understanding of form, light and shadow, proportions, basic perspective, composition and various sketching tools and techniques.

We will cover all these subjects over six weeks. There will be demonstrations before you start each project. I always share examples of work, and often do “draw-along-with-me” exercises (I draw and you copy as I go) which is an excellent way to learn perspective and other skills.

We work to achieve a goal of having each student learn enough information to critique their own work and know what to do if corrections or improvements are needed.


Advanced Drawing – Including Simplifying Perspective

March 26 – April 30 - Wednesday afternoon, 1:30 – 4:00

Six week course: Another class may be added before November. Check with School for schedule

Drawing skills are recommended. This class will focus on composition, light and shadow, quick sketch techniques and understanding perspective. We will work both indoors and outdoors. We will work indoors at the school using flowers, plants, and fruits as well as man-made still life. Working outdoors you will work with landscape and buildings to define views, composition, and perspective. This
class will help you master drawing and sketching techniques.

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